Blanket & Roller Care




A powerful solvent for deep cleaning of blankets to remove gum and glaze and revive the surface of the blanket. 5ltr containers.

Varn SRR (Super Rubber Rejuvenator)

An excellent rejuvenator for cleaning and restoring even the most glaze blocked blankets and rollers. 10ltr containers.

Varn Penetration Plus

A secialist rubber rejuvenator designed to clean and restore rollers and blankets. 10ltr containers.


A specially formulated gel for application to blankets where the surface has dropped causing inconsistent print quality. 250ml containers.

Calcium Removal Jelly

An effective Gel Cleaner with acidic components designed for use where scale or deposits build up on rollers and blankets. 1ltr containers.

Varn Calcium Deglazer

Liquid acidic deglazer for removing calcium from rollers and blankets. 1ltr containers


A high viscosity paste designed for deep cleaning of rollers. 1kg containers

Varn Take It Off

A specialist deglazer that penetrates deep in to the rubber surface to lift out dried ink and dissolve built up glaze. 250g and 1kg containers.

Idle Lubrication Paste

A lubricant based gel designed to run on inactive printing units to prevent excessive roller friction and wear whilst running. 1kg containers.

Varn Rollerlube

Lubricates rollers on printing units not in use when printing. 1ltr containers.

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