Plate Cleaners



General Purpose
Sun Chemical General Purpose

An effective cleaner for offset printing plates. 1ltr containers

Varn CTP Plate Cleaner

A none abrasive plate cleaner for even the softest of CTP plates. 1ltr containers.

Heavy Duty
Sun Chemical Heavy Duty

An efficient and versatile heavy duty plate cleaner. 1ltr containers.

Varn Plate Plus

An abrasive heavy duty plate cleaner that will remove even dried ink from offset plates. 1ltr containers.

Varn True Blue

A plate cleaner and desensitiser that quickly cleans and restores plates even after a long period of storage. 1ltr containers.

Cleaners & Storage Gums
Sun Chemical Plate Cleaner & Gum

An easy to apply plate cleaner and preserver for plates requiring protection against deterioration during storage. 1ltr containers.

Varn Complete

A one step biodegradable plate cleaner and finisher that prepares plates for storage periods of several months. 1ltr containers.

Gum Arabic

A stabilised gum solution suitable for use on most plates. Used to store and de-sensitise the plate. 5ltr containers.

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